Entrepreneur : Tem start-up tips for young entrepreneurs

We’ve put together 10 tips for successful start-ups:
Make sure you have a strong company identity and ethos.
Do your research. Ensure you know as much as possible about your chosen business sector, check out your competitors and find a way to differentiate your business from theirs.
Be inspired and learn from others’ mistakes. There are many successful entrepreneurs online who have shared their experiences – the good and the bad.

Keep and act on an up-to-date business plan and set realistic targets.
Ask for help from people who have the strengths you lack.
Keep small and simple to start with – don’t waste money on things you don’t need.
Keep cash in the business. Cash is king.
Market your company as much as possible using multiple channels, as appropriate to your business and customers.

If you’re looking to grow take advice on funding – there are a variety of ways to find finance these days, as well as going to banks.
Entering competitions can be a great way to promote your company – especially if you win

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